Navi Villa

Sewa villa navi villa di Megamendung Puncak

Navi Villa is a valuable space, prepared for those who seek harmony with nature rather than a splendid city. Navi Villa is a private villa where you can only spend time with your loved ones, so you can use it more comfortably. From the must-see pool gathering area, BBQ at night and a great meal […]

Moo Villa

Sewa villa moo villa di Megamendung Puncak

Moo Villa. We reached the place that drove the steep road. The green trees that greet me from both sides as if to welcome me. There is a space where relaxation becomes a daily routine. I am looking forward to what other daily life awaits. Don’t think about anything and just stay a Moo Villa. […]

Rone Villa

Sewa villa rone villa di Tugu Selatan Bogor

Rone villa has a swimming pool facing the spacious living room. A karaoke space with a greenhouse concept. From the rustic picnic gathering space to the rustic picnic gathering space that seems to have come to play on a Spanish farm, every space feels cozy. In addition, basic cooking tools are provided in the kitchen, […]

Ellena Villa

Sewa villa ellena villa di Cibeureum Taman Safari Bogor

It is a Ellena Villa that creates an elegant and calm atmosphere, but does not lose as much as the richness of nature. It is located inside the Pesona Alam Sedayu, so it is very accessible. In addition to the unique structure that leads from the inner space to the outer gathering space, the living […]

Stella Villa

Sewa villa stella villa di Mega Mendung Puncak

At Stella Villa spend a special day in the expansive view of the rice terrace and the outdoor gathering space where the wind always stays! The most fascinating part of Stella is that it has a private building that you can enjoy a bath while looking at the view. A swimming pool was provided in […]

Memory Villa

Sewa villa memory villa di Cibeureum Taman Safari Bogor

Memory Villa is a villa with beautiful natural scenery located in Puncak Bogor. It’s a lovely villa with nice outdoor space. The modern natural design concept blends nicely with nature. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful villa for spending your holiday time with your family or your loved ones, then villa memory […]

Sky Villa

Sewa villa sky villa di Cibeureum Taman Safari Bogor

Relax in Sky Villa with Private Pool villa facing the sky . It is located near Taman Safari and has a magnificent view overlooking the mountain from the wide ground. French modern main house and additional unique space. It consists of two buildings, a café-concept outdoor space and Private Swimming Pool. Sky Villa – Amazing place, Best gathering features […]

Art Hill Villa

Sewa villa arthill villa di Cibeureum Taman Safari Bogor

Arthill Villa is luxury villa with a Balinese style concept in the Bogor region, the private swimming pool and beautiful garden for your really feel like you are in private and peaceful sanctuary. The artistic villa provide an electic mix of modern architecture and traditional decor, and complete amenities to provide impeccable service.

Eldorado Villa

Sewa villa eldorado villa di Cibeureum Taman Safari Bogor

Eldorado Villa – The Stunning villa with Spanish style, this villa has a rooftop terrace that can offer many possibilities for relaxing and entertaining, including an amazing view. You can relax in the outdoor private cafe overlooking the spacious beautiful garden. This building’s style has a romantic allure that is both visually striking and majestic. […]

Casablanca Villa

Sewa villa casablanca villa di Cibeureum Taman Safari Bogor

[CAN NOT BE RENT TEMPORARILY]*Please check our other villa collections* Casablanca Villa is a magnificent Villas with stunning views and the gathering of the oriental concept and the exterior Bohemian concept. You can watch the sunset and the sunrise together, and enjoy a romantic night with a barbecue at the outdoor gathering area. Day and […]