Is internet access or Wi-Fi available at the Villa?

We provide Free Wifi facilities. You can find the Wifi Name and Password in the living room / TV table area. However, we are very sorry because the location of our Villa is in the peak area and also depends on the weather in the Villa area, so we often experience problems in the network […]

What if I want to have a celebration or party at the Villa?

Please confirm in advance regarding the procurement of events in the villa area, make sure the capacity is according to our maximum conditions. We have 2 villas that are still in 1 area (nearest) can order 2 villas at once, the party/noise time limit is until 22.00. However, for the time being the Covid-19 pandemic, […]

I accidentally left an item at the Villa How do I get my item back?

Please confirm with the booking manager / villa staff, we will check after the guest checks-out, usually if there are items belonging to the guest left behind, we will also inform you. Delivery of goods will be carried out through an expedition service at the expense of the guest.

I accidentally damaged villa facilities, will there be a fine?

We will check after guests check-out, Guests must make changes if there is damage to goods / villa facilities. We will inform the price of the goods/facilities, if you have not checked-out you can make changes in cash/directly to the staff. However, if you have left the villa area, we will contact you and you […]

How do I find the location of the Villa where I stay?

We will send you the location with a google map as well as direction and benchmark information, if you have difficulty finding the location you can contact us for directions, or if possible our villa staff will pick up.

How much does it cost to stay at The Villas 100?

Our villas have rates starting from IDR 1,300,000/night, up to IDR 4,500,000/night. However, there are price differences for certain times such as during the school holiday season, Hari Raya and New Years. Please always check with the booking manager. Villa prices are adjusted to the capacity of people who can stay, starting from 15 people […]

How to make a reservation?

You can place an order through our booking manager directly or through application platforms such as Airbnb, Agoda, Booking.Com, Tiket.Com, and Traveloka.