Welcome to The Villas 100

The Villas 100 consists of several villa accommodations located on the tourist area ​​Bogor Indonesia, surrounded by views of the cool green nuances of the mountains, suitable for various event both outdoor and indoor, so that you have the freedom to relax breathe in fresh air all day and enjoy the holiday during your stay.

Our Villa Collections

Stella Villa

 Entire Villa  25 Guest  4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 25 Guest | 4 Bedroom | 3 Bathroom

Spend a special day in the expansive view of the rice terrace and the outdoor gathering space where the wind always stays! The most fascinating part of Stella is that it has a private building that you can enjoy a bath while looking at the view. A swimming pool was provided in the middle to minimize the traffic flow, and you can also enjoy a barbecue party! Fantastic space, Stella Villa. Always waiting for you.

Start From Rp 1.800.000/Night

Holy Villa

 Entire Villa  25 Guest  5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 25 Guest | 5 Bedroom | 5 Bathroom

VILLA HOLY is an attractive gathering space like an expansive square! Not only that, but you can also enjoy the wonderful second gathering space in the back where you can enjoy the view in private! How about barbeque party while swimming at night?! Have the brightest night, the brightest day around.

Start From Rp 2.000.000/Night

Jeje Villa

 Entire Villa  15 Guest 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 15 Guest | 4 Bedroom | 4 Bathroom

We invite you to a small fantasy world in the PUNCAK, Villa Jeje! You can enjoy a small garden in the front yard where green leaves dance and flowers sing and a nice barbecue party for free. The swimming pool is also close to the floor, minimizing the movement. Listen to the sound of the rain on the floor and listen to your favorite songs in ready-made audio. Now is the time for your world to open even more beautifully.

Start From Rp 1.400.000/Night

Andante Villa

 Entire Villa  20 Guest 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 20 Guest | 4 Bedroom | 4 Bathroom

We invite you to Villa Andante, time and space where you can spend a slow day! There are interiors that create a dreamy atmosphere where gray modernity and natural meet, numerous photo zones, and colorful karaoke rooms, and the pool and garden view from the living room are perfect for relaxing. Brighten up your day at Villa Andante, shining like a star at night!

Start From Rp 1.800.000/Night

Airis Villa

 Entire Villa  40 Guest 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 40 Guest | 4 Bedroom | 3 Bathroom

Welcome to Villa Airis, a very large wedding villa! This villa symbolizes blue for a cool area. A villa that you can’t see anywhere in Bogor, with stunning Wayne-coated walls, natural landscaped bedrooms, luxurious toilets, special gathering spaces for large family gatherings as well as weddings, and private pools! Enjoy a special romantic night with a BBQ grill.

Start From Rp 2.200.000/Night

Baba Villa

 Entire Villa  15 Guest  3 Bedroom 4 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 15 Guest | 3 Bedroom | 4 Bathroom

Welcome to Baba Villas, a place where the classic industrial interior and the outside nature coexist! Baba Villas is located in a private area and is a comfortable place for family or friends to come. The wide mountain view and the cool breeze of the terrace are the best memories of the city. There is also a special exterior gathering area on the lower floors, which brings another romance to campers. You can also enjoy a barbecue in a home-grown gathering space not found in other villas. Share your story with Baba!

Start From Rp 1.600.000/Night

Tiella Villa

 Entire Villa  20 Guest  4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 20 Guest | 4 Bedroom | 3 Bathroom

Tiella Villa – Pastel Fantasy. Right here, the best villa is waiting for you on rainy days, have a meal with a conversation with the sound of rain. On warm days, relax with the sun at the ghatering place, Tiella villa’s darkness, with its cool night air, will shine brightly eith colorful furniture and decorations. Even you can open BBQ party at the night! In the next morning, take a walk in the nearby green tea field. Another attractive space will capture your mind. Invite you to the fantasy world right now!

Start From Rp 1.700.000/Night

Jenis Villa

 Entire Villa  20 Guest  3 Bedroom (1 Openroom)  3 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 20 Guest | 3 Bedroom (1 Openroom) | 3 Bathroom

Jenis Villa – Botanical Jungle View. The Jungle view From the peaceful infinity pool is beautiful. The bedroom has a concept of botanical style and modern interiors to provide a more luxurious space. You can enjoy outdoor gathering. It is also close the safari, where you can make your own memories in a very private space. Now, Join with jenis villa !

Start From Rp 1.700.000/Night

Rosenheim Villa

 Entire Villa  25 Guest  5 Bedroom 6 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 25 Guest | 5 Bedroom | 6 Bathroom

Welcome to Rosenheim Villa, The hidden nature of Bogor. Ethnic mood and modern space combine to create a cozy atmosphere. There is also a large space to sleep separately, so if you have another companion you can sleep separately. As well as a large gathering area, there is also a spacious dining area to keep out the sun for lunch. Enjoy a romantic barbecue at night! Comportable furniture and cute props will make your memories even more beautiful.

Start From Rp 1.800.000/Night

Casablanca Villa

 Entire Villa  35 Guest  5 Bedroom (1 Open room) 5 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 35 Guest | 5 Bedroom (1 Open room) | 5 Bathroom

Magnificent Villas with stunning views and the gathering of the oriental concept and the exterior Bohemian concept. You can watch the sunset and the sunrise together, and enjoy a romantic night with a barbecue at the outdoor gathering area. Day and night flowers with different scents coexist to maximize the atmosphere. Enjoy a special dinner in a 360-degree garden view and cool outdoor kitchen ! The moment you meet me, THE VILLAS 100.

Start From Rp 2.000.000/Night

Eldorado Villa

 Entire Villa  20 Guest 4 Bedroom (6 beds)  3 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 20 Guest | 4 Bedroom (6 beds) | 3 Bathroom

Eldorado Villa – The Stunning villa with spanish style, this villa has a rooftop terrace can offer  many possibilities for relaxing and entertaining, including an amazing view. You can relax on the outdoor private cafe overlooking spacious beautiful garden. This buildings style have a romantic allure that is both vissualy striking and majestic. This buildings style have a romantic allure that is both vissualy striking and majestic, so that you have the enjoy pleasure the holiday during stay.

Start From Rp 1.700.000/Night

Arthill Villa

 Entire Villa  15 Guest  3 Bedroom (5 beds)  3 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 15 Guest | 3 Bedroom (5 beds) | 2 Bathroom

Arthill Villa is luxury villa with a Balinese style concept in the Bogor region, the private swimming pool and beautiful garden for your really feel like you are in private and peaceful sanctuary. The artistic villa provide an electic mix of modern architecture and traditional decor, and complete amenities to provide impeccable service.

Start From Rp 1.500.000/Night

Sky Villa

 Entire Villa  30 Guest  5 Bedroom (4 beds)  3 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 30 Guest | 5 Bedroom (4 beds) | 3 Bathroom

Relax in Sky Villa with Private Pool villa facing the sky . It is located near Taman Safari and has a magnificent view overlooking the mountain from the wide ground. French modern main house and additional unique space. It consists of two buildings, a café-concept outdoor space and Private Swimming Pool. Sky Villa – Amazing place, Best gathering features a terrace.

Start From Rp 1.800.000/Night

Memory Villa

 Entire Villa  15 Guest  3 Bedroom (4 beds)  2 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 15 Guest | 3 Bedroom (4 beds) | 2 Bathroom

Memory Villa is a villa with beautiful natural scenary located in Puncak Bogor. It’s a lovely villa with nice outdoor space. The modern natural design concept blends nicely with nature.

If you are looking for a quite and paceful villa for spending your holiday time with your family or your loved ones, then villa memory is the right place for you. I hope you have a full healing time in Bogor with this wonderfull climate. We have a private space that can hold memories.

Start From Rp 1.400.000/Night

Forest Villa

 Entire Villa  20 Guest  4 Bedroom (5 beds)  2 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 20 Guest | 4 Bedroom (5 beds) | 2 Bathroom

Forest Villa is a villa that has a classic modern concept with beautiful views. the interior is spacious with luxurious furniture and accessories that combine red bricks. There are dining areas such as cafes, large living rooms such as restaurants, and luxury kitchen furniture (kitchenware is also available).
There is a large ‘Gazebo’ outside equipped Barbecue, so you can gather together while enjoying the view from the outside. Forest villas are located near the safari park and you can feel the cool breeze of Bogor.

Start From Rp 1.600.000/Night

Green Hill Villa

 Entire Villa  15 Guest  3 Bedroom (5 beds)  2 Bathroom

Entire Villa | 15 Guest | 3 Bedroom (5 beds) | 2 Bathroom

Green Hill Villa is located in a peacefull environment, the panoramic mountain views are really impressive due to the high position villa,   well equipped, clean, nice, in a quite location,  and very nicely decorated with beautiful garden,  which will make your holiday more perfect with a sense of calm breeze and peaceful atmosphere.

Relaxation and comfortable. Green hill villa offers an inviting and tranquil ambiance, relax on the balcony overlooking your private swimmingpool and landscape gardens rooms are fully appointed including outdoor terrace to ensure memorable holiday.

Start From Rp 1.300.000/Night